While U.N. wait for permission from the Syrian and Russian forces, more than 275,000 people are trapped, in dire need of food and medical care in east Aleppo.

Earlier today, Chairman of the UN Task Force on Humanitarian Access, Jan Egeland, tweeted that east Aleppo is out of food, and all hospitals in the region were devastated by bombing.

Egeland has urged both sides to provide permission for U.N. supply trucks from Turkey, to securely reach eastern Aleppo. So far, he has explicit support from the Rebel groups, while the Russian and Syrian forces have not yet responded.

“We want to try to launch a system that could get out of this horrific situation that medical facilities, clinics, hospitals are attacked again and again and again,” he said.

The last U.N. food rations were distributed on November 13. The entire city “is going to be bombed and starved to death … unless the international community acts,” said Dr. Samer Attar, a surgeon from Chicago, volunteering in Aleppo.

Last month, MSF International President, Dr. Joanne Liu, addressed a special session of the United Nations Security Council. She demanded before the council, to ‘stop bombing hospitals.’ Regardless of similar pleas from other aid organisations, like the Red Cross, hospitals continue to be targets in Syria.

Sophie McNeill is the Middle East correspondent from ABC News Australia, currently reporting from Aleppo.

The reporter posted a heartbreaking tweet a few hours ago, about how the people of Aleppo have lost hope.