As Trump joyously tweets about building his transition team, fear is being spread among the Muslim communities across the country, fed by reports of a possible cabinet filled with anti-Muslim members. And yes, these people are ‘anti-muslim’, not ‘anti-terrorist’.

It is certainly not unwise for Muslims to be afraid of a Trump presidency. From the beginning of his campaign, he has repeatedly directed his assault on Muslims, perhaps more than on any other minorities in the country. In one of his hateful speeches, he called for, “a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States.” In an interview to CNN, he claimed that Islam hates Americans. On another occasion, he shouted to his supporters that surveillance must be established on Muslim Mosques in the US.

One must wonder then, where does all this hate come from? Who feeds Donald Trump’s frontal lobe with such extreme xenophobia?

Enter – Steve Bannon. The new Trump administration’s proposed ‘Cheif Strategist’. Bannon is the Chairman of Breitbart News, which is, as per his own description, “A platform for the alt right.” A portal which promotes white nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny.

To understand the extent of what he represent, we need only look at an article published by Breitbart in December 2015, in which, while arguing about birth control, the following statement came out:

 “We need the kids if we’re to breed enough to keep the Muslim invaders at bay.”

Next on the list is, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn. He was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, till he was fired for being disruptive and chaotic. A face seen by many during Trump’s campaign, and someone who will take charge as the next National Security advisor. He once tweeted the following:

The Deputy Security Adviser position, as per reports, might fall to Clare Lopez, an ex-CIA officer, turned anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist. Lopez is someone extremely obsessed with the idea, that Muslims are infiltrating the American government.

Another important figure of Trump’s anti-muslim hate wagon, is Kris Kobach. Kobach is said to be the brain behind Trump’s great wall. He was also the same person, who helped form a notorious blueprint for registering immigrants and visitors, from countries designated as havens for extremist activity, under the Bush administration. He is currently proposing a ‘Muslim Registy’, a system to tag and monitor ‘all’ Muslims in the United States.

What added fuel to these proposed appointments, was a claim by self published author and Trump supporter, Carl Higbie. The other day, Fox News presenter Megan Kelly was appalled at Higbie’s response on the implications of a Muslim registry.

He said that there’s certainly a precedent if Donald Trump wanted to pursue a registry of Muslims coming into the United States, citing Japanese Internment Camps during World War II.

If at all, Trump succeeds in such a fascist endeavor, liberal America should listen to a brilliant idea proposed by Trevor Noah, of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Noah wasn’t cracking jokes, when he said, “if Trump wants Muslims to register, then all Americans, regardless of religion, must come forward and register as Muslims.” A sort of mass disobedience that should render the whole ‘Muslim registry’ initiative, useless.

A great medium of relief for Muslims in America, is perhaps this unity and support from a large liberal society. The same people who wanted Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to lead a progressive and secular America. Michael King Jr. used to say, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Let’s not lose hope.