When Donald Trump was locked in battle, during the heated Presidential debate, he responded to Hillary’s statement on his denial of Climate change, by simply saying, “I never said that.”

Trump claimed on national television, that he never told anybody, that climate change is a hoax. Maybe, the President-elect is not aware, that all his tweets are public. Or just maybe, he honestly forgot, that he called global warming – ‘bullshit’.

Trump belongs to the category of people, who thinks, that it is arrogant to acknowledge human activity, as the cause for a global climate change.

Even before Trump started his campaign, he was very critical of the Chinese. So much, that he even tweeted that they were, single-handedly, responsible for global warming.

The tweets stop becoming funny, when we realize, that this man, will soon be in charge of one of the largest emitters of CO2.

As the new President of the United States, Trump will eventually fall to mounting pressure from the UN, along with the rest of the world, and might at least pretend, like he believes in climate change. But the truth is laid bare. The United States, will have a President, who does not believe in climate change.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently brought us the film, ‘Before the Flood‘, expressed his concerns about the new government. “There’s been mention of dismantling of the Paris Agreement, taking away funding from the UN, drilling again and unfortunately there’s a lot to talk about over the next four years but I think that the environmental movement has already spoken out loudly that we’re not going to allow certain things to happen.” he said.